Access Control Systems Installation Service

We also provide Access Control Systems installation services and help you get the safety you need for your residential or industrial property, and have absolut control in the entry-exit transactions. From magnetic locks to facial recognition and fingerprint readers, we can provide the best options for your needs. With an Access Control system you can increase the safety level and can chose a system that can recognize pins, faces, and fingerprints and keep you safe from unwanted events. There are several choices for access control systems out there and we will help you figure out what would be the best for your case. If you need strict control for your industrial gates you can chose from systems that can recognize thousands of fingerprints, faces and entries and make sure that only the authorized people will enter your gates. For residential access control you can also chose the appropriate solution for your space and create a control layer and keep in peace of mind, knowing that nobody will enter your gate if not authorized.

We can suggest the best solution for your needs and install top quality and top technology access control systems that will keep you safe for years to come without problems.

Below are the some of the best choices we recommend :

Magnetic Locks

L Angle Aluminum Bracket

LZ Anodized Bracket

IDS 600lbs EM

Facial Recognition - Keypads

ZK Facial Recognition

Dual FP & Facial Recognition Terminal



Virdi - AC5000 Plus

Virdi - AC6000

Virdi - ACF100 Access Control Systems Installation Service 

We can help you find the best solution for your needs, and install top quality and hi-tec equipment to have full access control on your gates. Contact us today and let us know about your needs. We will provide everything needed to help you figure out and decide what system to install and get your industrial/residential properties protected.