CCTV Camera systems

CCTV camera installation and repair services for Home, Offices, Estates, Factories and Warehouses

Spacesec is an experienced CCTV systems installer. With many years of experience, we consult, install and repair CCTV camera systems. We are experienced in analogue and IP camera systems. Our CCTV systems can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world.

We offer CCTV camera installation and repair services for domestic and corporate clients which range from little 4 channel camera systems to larger systems

Being a Satellite tv installer as well, we have the capability to pass a CCTV camera system signal through your existing analogue satellite tv cabling. This means that you can view your cameras from any tv that has a DSTV signal

DVR – Digital Video Recorder is an analogue system which is based on HD technology.

NVR – Network Video Recorder – NVR is network based and is connected via a network switch and Ethernet Cable. A network based CCTV camera system is also commonly referred to as an IP cctv camera system

Below are some commonly used CCTV cameras, DVR’s and NVR’s

DVR`s (Digital Video Recorders)

NVR`s (Network Video Recorders)

CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera Installation Services -

Experienced in CCTV camera systems, We consult, Install and Repair all CCTV systems. We use well known brands that are supported in South Africa.