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SpaceSec is a specialised company that concentrates its business on commercial and domestic installations.
We installsingle or multizone electric fence systems with battery backup. Our preferred energisers supplied by Nemtek can be linked to your alarm systems and they can have their own siren’s connected.
We install and maintain electric fence systems for homes, offices, estates, commercial and business parks. All our electric fences are installed in compliance with the law.
Electric fence is your first line of defence and proves to be an excellent deterrent because of its high voltage and shocking capabilities.


If an electrIc fence is installed correctly, it will be an asset to your security and can alert you when a line is cut or if someone shorts the wires when jumping over.
Electric fencing is installed with aluminium, galvanised or stainless wire. Poles are installed every 3m and a typical 6-line fence will increase the height of your fence by about 0,5m. Warning signs are installed every 3m and on all gates.

Parts Of An Electric Fence

When an electric fence is installed in series, the energiser monitors the return voltage. When a line is cut, there is no return voltage and the fence immediately alarms.
Below are some standard parts that are used when installing an electric fence
1 - Fence energiser
2 - Fence posts
3 - Fence wire
4 - Insulators
5 - Earth Spikes
6 - Stays
7 - Ferules
8 - Fence warning signs
9 – Tensioners
10 – Springs and hooks

We use quality materials to build robust electric fence solutions and install them in a series circuit for best results.


For our electric fence energizers we chose Nemtek as our preferred supplier because they are a South African energiser manufacturer and they understand the South African consumers security needs. Nemtek supplies a wide range of energisers for every application. Their energiser and brand have proven to be very popular with South African consumers.

Energizers For Home Electric Fences

Merlin-4i With Keypad
Merlin-4i With Keypad

Energizers For Commercial & Industrial Security

Merlin Stealth M25S

Fence Posts

We use galvanised or mild steel posts for electric fence installations that are robust and will last for many years. Standard colours for mild steel posts are black and white. Standard fence posts come in 5,6, 8,10,12 lines.

Flat Bar

Square Tube Bracket

Round Bar

Square Tube Shield T-Pole


We use 3 types of wire namely galvanised, aluminium and stainless steel.
Wire type and dimension is determined by distance and the electric fence energizer. Galvanised and aluminium wire have lower resistance than stainless steel.

Galvanized Wire

Stainless Steel Wire

Aluminium Wire


Most electric fence posts or poles come with an insulator that’s been designed to work on that post. Some insulators are interchangeable, and others are fixed and will only work on the post it was designed for. Electric fence insulators are designed to insulate against voltages in excess of 10 000V

Flat Bar Insulator

Jurasic Insulator

Omega insulator

Electric Fence Earthing

Earthing is an integral part of an electric fence. A bad earth will cause a low shocking voltage which will render the electric fence useless. Correct earthing procedure is to have 3 earth spikes as close to the energiser as possible and 1 every 50m after that.

Copper Cladded Earth Spike

HT (High Tension) Cable

Electric Fence Service - SpaceSec.co.za

Contact us today and allow us to view your needs and plan the best solution for you. We have many years of experience in electric fence installation and we are certified by Nemtek and we can provide the best solution for your needs. Once you instruct us, we come and build  the plan to instal the right system for your particular electric fense, that will keep working effectively and without problems, avoiding false alarms and other malfunctions, for many years to come.