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We provide the most sophisticated solutions for Swing gates automation systems installation. We offer advice to help you find the appropriate swing gate automation solution for your needs, and supply, instal and maintain the system.

Below are some swing gate automation motors that we recommend to our customers, as we have tested them for their reliability and quality.

Swing Gate Automation Systems


Swing Gate Automation Service - SpaceSec.co.za

We make sure you will get the best system for your gate. Once you contact us, we will visit your place and we will measure everything of your gate to provide you the most appropriate solution. Every gate requires the appropriate system. Depending on how your gate is structured, its weight, how long each leaf is, as well as other factors, we will take everything into account and will suggest you what automation system you should use, for high performance without problems  for years to come.

We have over 25 years of experience and we are certified technicians, so we are real experts on swing gate automation systems and we can suggest and instal the best option for your own gate.