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We specialize in intercom installation and intercom repair services for estates,office and home. We install and repair brands like BPT, Polophone, Commax, Gsm Mk II and G speak ultra but are not limited to these brands. We install video, audio, IP and GSM Intercoms.
With our intercom systems you could control your gates, entrances, magnetic and striker locks securely. Below are intercom features for IP, video, Audio and GSM intercoms.
-A Video Intercom system consists of a few components namely an entry panel with a built-in camera and audio module and a monitor or several monitors. With a Video intercom system you can see who is at your gate and talk to them. By pressing the button on the entry panel, the camera and monitor is activated which means that the user in the house can see who is at the gate while they speak.

-An IP Intercom system has the same features but is connected through the internet or LAN. With this system you will be able to receive video and audio on your mobile. IP Intercom systems use VoIP (Voice over IP) to make calls

-An Audio intercom system consists of an entry panel and a handset or multiple handsets.
A useful feature on certain intercom systems like BPT intercoms is called intercommunication. Intercommunication is where 1 handset or monitor can dial another handset or monitor.
Consider this scenario, you have a huge house and your helper lives at the end of the property. You need her assistance urgently, you can call her on her mobile or you could scream or, you could walk to her door. An alternative would be an intercommunicating intercom system, you could dial her on the intercom system for FREE. You can call from your intercom handset to hers.

-A GSM intercom system consists of an entry panel and a gsm module. There is no intercom handset because the GSM intercom will dial you on your mobile.

A GSM intercom system like GSM/I500, GSM MK II or G speak ultra uses the mobile network to contact you. A GSM intercom system is like have a mobile phone in the enclosure of an intercom.

The entry panel on a basic GSM intercom system will come with 1 or 2 buttons. These buttons will be programmed as speed dial buttons so that when the button is pushed the intercom will dial the no that is pre-programmed (Your mobile no). You allow access to your property through your mobile phone

The entry panel on an advanced gsm intercom system for estates uses a keypad that is programmed as speed dial buttons. If you require access to unit 15 in an estate then you would simply enter 15 and the device would call the mobile no programmed for unit 15. Unit 15 can then allow or deny access through their mobile phone.

We offer solutions built with material of the best brands, to ensure that your intercom system will last long without problems and with high quality performance. Below you can see our recommended intercom kits:

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