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Centurion Gate Automation Hardware

Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. VANTAGE gate automation comes standard with battery backup offers a quick and easy (not to mention good looking) installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details).


D5-EVO – DOMESTIC AND LIGHT-INDUSTRIAL SLIDING GATE MOTORThe evolution of the tried and tested D5 500kg gate motor for domestic and light-industrial applications. Incorporating battery backup you can bank on, potent push force and an intelligent LCD controller for easy setup.

D10 TURBO – HIGH-SPEED INDUSTRIAL SLIDING GATE MOTORThe lightning-fast CENTURION D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate motor is the perfect solution for speed freaks to get their fix. Whether you’re just in a hurry, or seriously concerned about your security, there is no time wasted with the D10 Turbo at your gate. This beast will move a gate weighing up to 1000kg and, depending on the weight of the gate, can reach speeds of up to 50 metres per minute. It’s our fastest operator yet!

R3 – DOMESTIC ROTARY SWING GATE MOTOR & R5 HEAVIER DUTY SWING OPERATORThe R3 rotary arm swing gate motor remains the logical choice for applications where the gate pillar is very wide. It can handle domestic gates up to 3.5m wide per leaf weighing no more than 150kg. The R3 also offers battery backup the R3 offer a wide range of useful features.

VECTOR2 – DOMESTIC AND LIGHT-INDUSTRIAL LINEAR SWING GATE MOTORSFor domestic and light industrial swing gate applications – the VECTOR2 linear swing gate system with battery backup offers a quick and easy installation. It is an exceptionally strong set of operators for gates up to 4m wide, per leaf (consult specifications for further details). The low profile shape of the VECTOR2 linear swing gate motor enhances its aesthetic appeal and allows it to blend in with the design of the gate.




SupaHelix hasn’t just raised the bar in multi-unit access control – it’s changed the game completely. A high-security controller with an intuitive navigation interface that offers a multitude of features as well as event logging, makes for an access control system that delivers unmatched convenience, security, logging and administration.

Main features

  • 10 000 user capacity
    This isn't the So-So Helix, this is the SupaHelix, which means that there are no half-measures taken. With a huge 10 000 user memory capacity , the SupaHelix advanced access control and monitoring system is most at home in large, high-density residential complexes.
  • Easy setup and visual diagnostics
    The most advanced civilisations in history knew the power of conveying information visually - with a large LCD screen and user-friendly four-button navigation, setting up the system is as intuitive as taking your next breath.
  • Easy management of individual access
    Users can be selectively added or deleted within groups and subgroups which means no more tiresome, disruptive and frustrating blanket operations. Each user can be given the individual attention they deserve!
  • Transaction logging
    The SupaHelix access control system electronically logs each and every transaction, enabling you to monitor user activity as well as performing system diagnostics.
  • Flexible input/output channels
    Each of the three channels can be configured as either an input or an output, and the output mode can be set to be momentary, pulsed or latching. Outputs can be used to activate an automatic gate, switch on a pool pump, arm an alarm or control any number of electrical devices, while inputs are perfect for performing monitoring operations such as tracking how many times a safe door has been opened.
  • Effortless backup and updating of firmware
    The SupaHelix provides a convenient onboard USB host which can be used to back up all learned-in users and system settings onto a memory stick within a matter of seconds, and to bootload firmware just as quickly.
  • Clever design
    No matter how passionate one is about technology, nobody likes spending hours trying to figure out which wire goes where. The SupaHelix access control and monitoring system provides removable terminal strips so that setup and maintenance can be as hassle-free as its other attributes.
  • Good looking
    The SupaHelix's stylish enclosure matches its powerful, multi-faceted brain. Sleek curves that seamlessly flow into one other and a wholly modern look work together to make the SupaHelix an attractive and unobtrusive piece of technology.